About CPAA


The Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association was founded in 1902 in Stonewall, Manitoba as a grass roots organization dedicated to improving the working conditions of Postmasters in rural Manitoba. CPAA grew from a local organization to a national association that is the second largest bargaining unit representing employees of Canada Post Corporation.


The Association represents Canada Post employees who work in rural post offices. There are approximately 5,211 full and part-time employees who are members of CPAA. In addition, there are approximately 3,263 term employees. The actual number of employees varies as members retire or resign and positions are staffed by the Corporation.


The current breakdown is as follows:

     1,835 Semi-Staff Postmasters
     1,245 Group Postmasters
     261 Senior Assistants
     100 Full-Time Assistants
     1,773 Part-Time Assistants

Our members staff over 3,182 post offices across Canada.


CPAA has a National Office that is located in Ottawa, Ontario. There are three National Executive Officers who are full-time employees of the Association and one appointed National Labour Relations Officer. Those officers are:

     National President
     Two (2) National Vice Presidents
     National Labour Relations Officer

There is also a support staff of five (5) employees.

     Sylvie Duguay
    Office Manager/Accounting Financial Administrator
     Pascal Leroux
    Computer Data/Technical Specialist
     Aalya Ahmad
    Communications Director
     Lynn Beaulne
    Finance/Administrative Assistant
     Vanessa Leblond
    Administrative Assistant

The Association is divided into eight (8) branches across the country as follows:

    Newfoundland and Labrador Branch
    Maritime Branch (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward     Island)
    Quebec Branch
    Ontario Branch
    Manitoba Branch
    Saskatchewan Branch
    Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut Branch
    British Columbia and Yukon Branch

At the branch level, the executive officers are:

    Vice President
    up to 3 Directors

All officers, both National and Branch, were elected for a three-year term at their respective Triennial Conventions.

During years between Triennial Conventions, both National and Branches hold Annual meetings to report to the members on the activities of the branch.

The Association can be contacted by mail, phone, fax, or e-mail. The numbers and addresses are:

    Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association
    281 Queen Mary
    Ottawa, Ontario  K1K 1X1
    Phone: 613-745-2095
    Fax: 613-745-5559

National Officers
National President
Brenda McAuley Brenda comes from the small community of Capreol, Ontario...
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Brenda McAuley
National Vice President
Dwayne Jones In 2003, Dwayne’s career with Canada Post began as a Term employee...
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Dwayne Jones
National Vice President
Daniel L. Maheux Daniel is native of the small village of Aston-Jonction, QC. He left the Media Communication Program ...
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Daniel L. Maheux
Labour Relations Officer
Daniel L. Maheux Sonia was born in St-Jerome (Quebec). She spent the majority of her...
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Sonia M. Dupuis